Delivery and Payment Terms
Thank you! We really appreciate your choice.

To deliver your orders we use worldwide known postal service EMS. We collect all orders during the week and dispatch them each Friday. Once the goods are shipped we will send you a tracking number so that you will be able to see how fast the parcel will reach you.

At the very moment our website system is able only to collect orders. Once you click the button "Order now" we will immediately learn that you are eager to make a purchase. In a short while we will send you an invoice or a link for payment with a credit card. You will have to choose a payment method on the order page.

Payment with a credit card
The credit card payment interface will be in Russian, the payment amount will be in Russian rubles equal to euros. We will attach instructions to follow.

Payment of an invoice
If you prefer to send your payment through an invoice, just do it according to your bank rules.

The price indicated in our website does not include delivery to the address that you provide while making an order. We will calculate a delivery rate based on your postal address and include it in the final value of the goods. Please be sure that you enter a correct address, otherwise the order will make happy someone else (or will not).
All import payments (duties, taxes etc) in your country shall be paid by the Buyer, and an import procedure is also under the Buyer's responsibility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through

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Izhevsk, Russia, 426060

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