Questions & Answers
Are you in Russia?
Yes, our company located in Russia.
What material do you use to manufacture barrels and barrel blanks?
We use 40Х steel to manufacture airgun barrels and 42CrMoS4 to manufacture firearms barrels and barrel blanks.
What post service and payment service do you work with?
We send our parcels via EMS service and use Robokassa payment service to receive the payments through our website.
Which way can I pay my order?
1. Credit card through our website
We accept all Visa and Mastercard credit cards except for the cards issued in the US and China

2. Bank transfer to our corporate account.
If you are not be able to pay by credit card - write us to and we will send you an invoice
How do you pack your barrel blanks?
Here is what we do:
1) Oil blanks to prevent them from corrosion
2) Pack in bubble wrap and plastic tubes
3) Strengthen the package with the tape

You can find photos of our packed parcels on our Instagram page @alfabarrelglobal
Is there any special permit needed to transport your products abroad?
Yes we obtain a custom declaration to ship our barrel blanks. Usually it takes about 2 days and the cost of this declaration is including in delivery cost.

But we also have to obtain a special permit from the goverment if we ship our barrels with a chamber abroad.
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